Premium French tartelettes, biscuits and madeleines

Bonne Maman

The secret of Bonne Maman has those old homemade recipes passed down from generation to generation, plus the specific French haute cuisine refinement. It was in France, in the beautiful valley of the Dordogne, that Bonne Maman has its roots. Needless to say, in its products, Bonne Maman takes only purely natural ingredients. The jams are made only from freshly picked fruit and sugar cane. Additives and preservatives have no place here. And they are not allowed because of the very high standards that Bonne Maman requires for its products in terms of taste and quality. Bonne Maman not only gives importance to the content. The presentation also plays a role. Calligraphy label, the traditional red and white gingham pattern covers and packaging are essential signs of the brand. Flavors and culinary delights of Bonne Maman have a simple charm and style that are no longer present.

Hand crafted chocolate fruit and nuts

DOTI – Chocolate Dragee Manufacturer specializes in producing fine chocolate covered fruit and nuts for the Gourmet Market. The Berry Allure line represents a unique selection of carefully chosen candied fruit and nuts coated with chocolate from the well known Chocolate Producer Barry Callebaut. In this range you will find among others strawberries, gooseberries, cherries, orange peel, rhubarb or black currants as well as a wide selection of various nuts and almonds. The fruits used in the production are naturally candied with the use of traditional technology. The dragees are produced and packed by hand with care and attention to every single chocolate.